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Ghost Blog Hosting Now Available On The Tsohost Cloud

We're excited to roll out a brand new Ghost Hosting package on the Tsohost Cloud. In recent months this revolutionary open source blogging application has gained significant online traction thanks to it’s simple approach and focus on one thing - publishing.

Our unique Hosting package has been tweaked and fully optimised for Ghost, and comes complete with Ghost already installed, so you can jump in and get started straight away.

From the get go, you'll notice that Ghost is different from other blogging platforms. The interface is noticeably cleaner, and options appear limited. What Ghost lacks in customisation it gains in publishing experience, drafting and publishing articles is simple, remarkably simple .

Fully Responsive

Ghost is a fully responsive application so you can draft and publish posts on the go, using your mobile or tablet.

Inline Editor

There’s no need to switch between preview mode and editor. With Ghost’s two paine writing system you write on the left and immediately preview how your content will look when published on the right.


Ghost uses the Markdown type for authoring posts. It’s relatively easy to pick up and the dashboard has a handy tooltip with the popular syntax’s you’ll use on a day to day basis.


With strong emphasis placed on simplifying content creation, it may be of no surprise to hear that Ghost is not as customisable as other blogging platform. You can however personalise your blog by writing your own plugins, custom themes or by installing a readily available theme. Ghost Marketplace offers a range of simple beautiful free themes that can easily be installed.

Why not give Ghost a try, head over to our Ghost Hosting page where you can demo the popular blogging platform for yourself.