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Reseller Private Nameservers

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new "Private NS" reseller feature. Available within the Cloud platform the new feature makes it easier than ever for Tsohost resellers to hide their affiliation with Tsohost by using their own private/branded nameserver (ns1/ns2.yourdomain rather than tsohost.com, gridhost.co.uk).

Until now the procedure has been a complex tasks that involves manually adding an A records then creating the glue with their domain registrar. This manual process didn’t update the SOA or NS records for clients domains, meaning with some digging more technical clients could still link resellers to Tsohost.

With the brand new “Private NS” feature this is not an issue, Tsohost resellers can select from a list of their domains on which to base their own private nameservers, to which the result is near instant. When a domain has been selected the feature will automatically:

  1. Add A records for ns1 and ns2 pointing to the correct IPs.
  2. Change any existing sites on their account or any sub accounts to have the correct NS records.
  3. Set the SOA (primary NS and email) to the new vanity domain.
  4. Set all new domains (including aliases) to use the above settings

Do you have any questions or suggestion to improve Tsohost’s reseller offering? Let us know your thoughts by posting them in the comment box below.