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New Cloud Shell Account Update Available

We're excited to share with you the latest cloud SSH account update with some very highly requested new features! Shell now supports the latest PHP versions and with the same flexible configuration options as our web servers, you can choose to run your choice of PHP version (5.2 - 5.6.) For example, where the PHP version is 5.6 you can simply run /usr/bin/php-5.6. That's not all, this updates also includes support for new unix utilities including the wkhtmltopdf command line, which changes a web page (including CSS and images) into a PDF/image.

Updating Your SSH Account

This update will automatically roll out to all cloud accounts on Friday 31st July, 2015. In the meantime, you can upgrade to the new environment on a per website basis by deactivating and reactivating your SSH account from within control.gridhost.com . Within a few seconds of reactivating your shell account you will be issued a new password and gain access to all the new features.

If you choose to update prior to the official roll out, we would appreciate if you'd report any issue you encounter to [email protected]