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UK Firework Review Case Study

Website: www.firework-review.org.uk

“The Tsohost service has been unusual in that you do go that extra mile! You've been patient with me when I have been struggling with some unusual service issues. You also call a spade a spade, which is nice when dealing with technical issues.”

UK firework Review (UKFR) was established in 1999. Initially a personal homepage and short term project, UKFR has gradually advanced into a hub of information for both amateur and professional firework enthusiasts.

UKFR’s online presence has continued to grow. Today UKFR covers all aspects of the UK firework scene boasting an array of services including product reviews, photography tutorials, firework news, safety advice, information to help consumers source the best fireworks and a popular online community; The UKFR Forum, where professional firers and firework enthusiasts throughout the UK can network and exchange information.

Having read numerous positive reviews UKFR approached Tsohost with questions on the possibility of adopting a scalable package that would guarantee value for money. UKFR placed great emphasis on fulfilling the use of all resources adopted throughout consistent periods of fluctuating traffic. After gaining a strong understanding of UKFRs hosting requirements, Tsohost recommended the use of Ultimate Hosting on the Tsohost Cloud.

Ultimate Hosting is a scalable, flexible and resilient hosting package that allows space and bandwidth to be adjusted on a modular basis as and when its needed, with absolutely no upper limits. Once in practice the Ultimate Hosting allowed UKFR to tailor the settings of the package to maximise the potential of their website during seasonal bursts of traffic, minimising the overall risk of downtime and disruption, all at an unbeatable price.

"The resources that you allocate to your [Tsohost] Cluster service seem so much better than your competitors. Examples would be the generous PHP resources and no practical limits on MySQL database size (something of vital importance when you run a busy forum - you have a large database that grows, daily). I was pleasantly surprised to find GeoIP enabled - again of great use - and your forum posts show you're still adding to the service with new features."

Over the years UK Firework Review has undergone many changes with the most notable being the adoption of WordPress, a feature rich open-source publishing platform that allows users to quickly and effectively transforms their websites with the use of thousands of widgets and themes.

“With WordPress all the hard work is done for me. Utilising the pages facility means static content can be created quickly, with fully functioning and flexible menus. When you add a custom theme and widgets then anything is possible.”

Tsohost cloud hosting is packed with additional features for running your website, it's fully compatible and optimised to run the popular web application WordPress. Users can simply install WordPress in just one click.