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MySQL 5.6 Now Fully Supported on the Tsohost Cloud

We're constantly working to ensure that our platforms provide you with the latest and best software applications and systems available. As part of this continuous development we are pleased to announce that MySQL 5.6 has been deployed on the Tsohost Cloud. So now the Tsohost Cloud fully supports MySQL 5.6 what does it mean for you?

As with all updates we make, updating to MySQL 5.6 will not be forced on you. Existing users with databases running version 5.5 or older can continue to use them without experiencing changes in performance. If you choose to update your current databases to 5.6 you will have to do so manually. This will involve creating a new database, copying your data and then deleting the old database. Before you start this process we suggest you take a backup of your database to ensure your data is protected.

It’s important to note that MySQL 5.6 will now be the default version within the Cloud meaning all new databases created will utilise 5.6 and benefit from the latest performance and scalability improvements. You can read about the benefits of MySQL 5.6 here.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding this update please post them in the comment box below!