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PHP 5.4 Now Available On the Cloud

We’re pleased to announce that the Tsohost Cloud now supports PHP 5.4. This new version includes a large number of new features and bug fixes.

One noteworthy added feature is a new method of code implementation known as Traits. Traits allow sets of functions and properties to be reused, removing some of the limitations associated with single inheritance.

Furthermore, PHP 5.4 offers other new language features including a new shortened array syntax (please note that the previous method is still in use - this method is just an alternative) and function array dereferencing, both providing enhanced readability and simplicity.

Another really useful feature that has been added is the ability of PHP to track the progress of individual files being uploaded, providing users with a progress indicator.

It must be taken into consideration that a number of features present in previous versions of PHP have been removed from 5.4. For instance, safe mode and magic quotes are no longer supported. Several functions have been removed including ‘session_register’ so make sure your scripts handle sessions in a way currently supported.

Please follow the links for a more comprehensive list of new features and backward incompatible changes.

PHP 5.3 is the default version selected on the Cloud, but you can change this by going to ‘PHP Version’ in the Advanced Management Tools section and selecting 5.4 in the drop-down menu